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Thee Executive-Panel was founded in 2017 by Curtis Smith with one goal in mind...

"Helping Great People Achieve Even Greater Accomplishments"

Founded on this goal, Thee Executive-Panel utilizes over 10 years of executive management and administrative experience to provide Elevated Executive Coaching to high-performing executives and Management teams across the United States.  our clients benefit from the core elements that makeup our Executive Coaching Process, gaining invaluable tools and resources that enable them to achieve sustainable results...


CORE Elements of Executive Coaching - Thee Executive-Panel

Check Organize Reflect Execute

Thee Executive-Panel utilizes these CORE Elements to help each and every client effectively and efficiently navigate their inner-core and outer-core strengths, in order to harness their true potential.  By practicing these components our clients gain the ability to establish their goals with greater ease, navigate their strengths and gaps more quickly, develop a deeper understanding of past-performances and the lessons learned, and ultimately act on their goals with confidence.

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About The Founder

Curtis Smith is recognized as an authority in the field of geographical/personnel time and change management, organizational strategizing and leadership development. Over ten years of international experience in geographical/personnel change management and organizational strategizing gives Curtis a unique perspective on intelligent and effective leadership. During Curtis’ seven-year tenure with the United States Naval Service, some of the highest-ranking officers requested him to manage global and domestic programs on behalf of the Navy and United States, working alongside foreign and domestic diplomats and officials.
Insightful and engaging, Curtis teaches executives how to powerfully develop the character to become transformational leaders and effectively apply insightful thought preparation and execution in the development and structuring of one’s organization and the changes that it faces.
Curtis Smith worlds with top executives as well as entire management teams, and his clients include high-performing executives, private firms, and emerging leaders.
In 2007, Curtis joined the United States Navy, where he graduated from his A-School as the Top-Graduate, and swiftly earned three meritorious promotions in under two years. Upon departing the Armed Forces in 2014, Curtis assumed his role as a Corporate Trainer for a large marketing firm based out of California, where he led Managing Partners in effective management training. Leaving this role in 2016, Curtis served as the Advisor to the CEO for the largest For-Profit Community Mental Health Facility and Private Practice in Northeast Ohio.  In 2017, after working independently as an Executive Consultant and Coach, he became an Intelligent Leadership Certified Executive Coach, and working with John Mattone Partners, Inc. to present one main idea, to “help great people achieve even greater accomplishments!”