“In spite of all recommendations when one initiates a conversation with an Executive Coach, typically there is skepticism about how much this person knows about the industry, leadership issues in corporate organizations and many other similar concerns. With Curtis my initial interactions were very guarded, when we discussed aspects of leadership and brand. One quality Curtis has (which is hard to find these days with professionals) is that he is a great listener. He asks the right questions during the course of the conversation and is thorough about taking notes and diving deep into an aspect with you, till there is agreement. His poised and grounded demeanor does not stop him to call you out on things which need improvement. After several such conversations, magically Curtis will come back with recommendations and a brand that is a "new You". He will mine information about your personality in a way that many a psychologists will not be able to do. Net-Net you cannot go wrong with Curtis.”

/ Asad zaidi, Vice president of software engineering, appriss /


"It was a privilege to work with Curtis Smith and welcome him into our Certified Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching family! We are very selective in accepting coaches because our family is comprised of outstanding people with impeccable character first, who are proud people but also deeply humble and, who share a vision and passion to close the world's massive leadership challenge. We also look for incredible executive coaching talent and potential. I can say with conviction that Curtis Smith possesses all of these qualities (and more!) and any leader who has the chance to work with him will be greatly moved by his spirit and talent as a coach and, as a result, will realize massive gains in their performance and effectiveness!"

/  John mattone, #1 authority on intelligent Leadership & world's top executive coach   /


"At a time when organizations need more leaders⎯caused by the single largest departure of leaders in modern history⎯organizations are facing a shortfall in planning and leadership experience. Curtis has shown in his executive coaching his deep understanding of what the younger generation entrepreneurs and executives need to truly flourish as leaders of the future."

/  David Clive Price PhD, Founder of Bamboo Strong Global Coaching and Author of The Age Of  Pluralism: Global Intelligence for Emerging Leaders /


"... knows exactly how to turn a business person into an Intelligent Leader... If I had to highlight only one reason for working with him, it would be his commitment to finding and addressing the root cause of every issue. The added bonus is that you will have fun. After our first meeting I felt like I met my wise brother who has already gone through most things I am trying to figure out...someone I can trust and discuss anything as I do believe that leadership and personal developments are inseparable. Curtis is exceptional in both."

/  csaba toth, managing partner - Europe, icq consulting   /


"... Being an executive takes vision, passion, and a fortitude to understand the difference between personal and professional objectives. Curtis allows for you to clear the forest from the trees so that your directional career decisions are your own!"

/  Rick A. - Director of sales  /


"... The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Often as executives we can get sidetracked, lose our focus, or can not quite see the line ahead of us.  Curtis has a way with his philosophy, experience, and direct approach of bringing that line back into focus, and helping one chart the course so they can better lead their company."

/  Mike V. - technical recruiter  /


"Hiring Curtis was hands down the best career decision I have ever made. Our work together has been extremely rewarding on multiple fronts and the results have far exceeded my expectations. As a result of his coaching, I am continually operating at a high-performance leadership level and I continue to grow my leadership skills."

/  Katherine m. - ceo  /


"He sets the bar for professionalism, and whether he is aware or not, he creates a standard unlike any other. It has been a privilege to me... to witness his leadership, motivation and dedication to quality, development and growth. Very few people inspire those around them, and Curtis makes it look so easy... "

/  emily g. - executive assistant to director of case management  /