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Intelligent leadership workshop

The Intelligent Leadership Workshop focuses on the power of the Intelligent Leadership framework that covers over 30 years of research and development by John Mattone, the former executive coach to Steve Jobs.

In this workshop, participants will obtain further insight into the 9 leadership traits that makeup the Enneagram, while discussing critical components that affect a person’s inner-core. The Intelligent Leadership design was built to inform professionals of their inner-core leadership traits that help to examine and explain the outer-core results. Thee Executive-Panel offers this workshop to organizations, leadership teams, and business owners.

No matter the size of the team, industry of your organization, or level of professional… The Intelligent Leadership Workshop is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to enhance their communication effectiveness, team building capabilities, leadership potential and growth, and so much more.

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presentation skills workshop

The Presentation Skills Workshop concentrates on helping organizations, leadership teams, and business owners on how to develop and present powerful presentations. Thee Executive-Panel accesses over 15 years of presentation building and delivery across domestic and international platforms to deliver results that matter to you, your organization, your teams, and your client base.

The Presentation Skills Workshop covers a wide-variety of topics that range from “how to build a powerful PowerPoint slide-show” to “engaging your audience with confidence” to “how to prepare like the professional you are”. Thee Executive-Panel understands that no two organizations or teams are exactly alike, and that is why we offer a fully-tailored workshop that targets your needs specifically.

This workshop is great for leadership teams, sales teams and professionals that are required to deliver any number of presentations (PowerPoint, Verbal, Online, Teleconference, etc).

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TIMe management workshop

The Time Management Workshop focuses on helping organizations, business owners, and professionals of all kinds on how to become experts in time-management. Thee Executive-Panel provides participants with the necessary tools and resources to effectively and efficiently navigate their daily routines and obligations.

Time management is a skill that is consistently at the top of the minds of businesses and professionals alike. This workshop will cover topics surrounding productivity, determining priority, navigating the complexities of high-pressure environments and situations, and more.

Good time management will help you to get more done in a shorter amount of time, however, great time management will help you to create opportunity and increase productivity - both personally and professionally.

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coaching & mentoring workshop

The Coaching & Mentoring Workshop concentrates on providing team leaders, managers, executives, and leadership teams with the tools and resources necessary to drive sustainable results through strategic coaching and mentoring. Thee Executive-Panel accesses over 30 years of research and development surrounding coaching and mentoring methods that are proven to deliver meaningful results.

This workshop will cover the definitions and parameters of coaching and mentoring, building trust and rapport, mentoring agreements, accountability, driving sustainable results, making the tough calls, and more.

Any organization, business owner, or professional that is looking to enhance the capability of their leaders (no matter their level or position) and the impact they hold on their teams will greatly benefit from this workshop. Coaching and mentoring are more than just methods used by leaders across the world to build more productive teams, they are a means of finding success and talent that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and unused.

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public speaking workshop

The Public Speaking Workshop was designed to assist professionals from all areas, industries, and backgrounds on how to deliver powerful messages to audiences of all sizes. Thee Executive-Panel uses over 15 years of experience in delivering speeches and presentations to audiences ranging in size from 20 attendees to 1,000+ attendees.

In this workshop, you will learn more about speaking environments, how to prepare a meaningful speech, time-management for speaking engagements, engaging the audience, speaking with confidence, and more.

This workshop is perfect for any professional, team, or organization that delivers speeches or presentations in a public or private setting. Our clients for public speaking come from a wide-variety of areas, to include:

  1. Academic Professionals delivering speeches before colleagues and alumni

  2. Non-Profits attending speaking engagements

  3. Professionals delivering key-note speeches to groups, organizations, and events

  4. Sales professionals delivering engaging speeches surrounding their products or services

  5. College students delivering presentations and reports to classes and graduating audiences

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