Trying To Accelerate The Momentum In Your Current Position?


The Audi S8, one of the world's finest vehicles if I may say so myself! However, the point of utilizing this photo is not to talk about the car, it is about what this car represents. This Vehicle has POWER! It also has an incredible acceleration that will generate swift momentum in your ability to get further along the road or track. Does this car remind you of your career? If not, WHY?!

How many people do you know that feel like they have completely stalled out when it comes to their career? Personally, I know quite a few. As somebody that understands what it is like to feel the pressure to achieve more out of your career and life, I know how devastating this feeling can be. It doesn't have to feel that way though. YOU hold the power to change your current circumstances. Nobody said that your education had to stop when you finished with college. Nobody said that you couldn't be a self-starter. Nobody said that you were dependent on your boss to set yourself up for a successful career.

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DREAM! I love this caption, as it embodies what any one person truly needs to both dream and succeed in life! | Dedication-Responsibility-Education-Attitude-Motivation | These are the elements that will ultimately help you the most. Let's take a closer look:

DREAM. Everyone needs to have a dream for their future. A better way to look at the word is to simply attribute it to the other word "GOAL". Your dreams should be a lot like your goals! A goal is something that you set out to obtain or live up to. Your goals are your "accomplishment wish-lists". So when viewing your dreams in this light, dream for what you want to obtain, and set out to obtain them!

DEDICATION. Without dedication, it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to actually accomplish what you are setting out to accomplish. It takes dedication to become better at what you do, learn more about what you need to know in order to excel, and ultimately finish what you started.

RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility is something that not everyone is comfortable accepting or going after. Nonetheless, it is key to your professional and personal growth process. Be willing to not only accept extra responsibility when given, but be willing to ask for extra responsibility.

EDUCATION. I know that many people will relate this word to obtaining a Bachelor's degree, Master's, or even a Doctorate. However, education is far more than just the institutional education that you may or may not have received through some university. Education is the process of learning something new. You don't have to be in a school to learn something new, or gain a new trait that you can utilize in both your professional and personal life. Your education is an overall collective of your institutional education, experience, and self-motivated learning. Every time you watch a co-worker in order to learn how to do something new at your job, you are being educated. Every time you pickup a book and read on how to improve something about yourself or your professional process, you are being educated.

ATTITUDE. Your attitude will have a very large impact on your ability to succeed, and see an acceleration of momentum in your career. If you are always negative about what you are doing, where you are going, and where you are at, then you will find it VERY difficult to be able to find happiness in any of those three elements. I know it is cliche to say "it is all in your attitude," but it is really the truth. If you believe that you will succeed, find something good about where you are, what you are doing, and where you are going, then it can truly change your life and the success that you see in your career! If I believe that I can't, then I won't. If I believe that I can, then failing isn't my concern. My only concern is what I need to do, learn, or change in order to do what I already know I can do!

MOTIVATION. What is your motivation?! For some it is their children, for others it may be financial gain. That is solely up to you though. Only you will know what motivates you. Find that motivation, that one thing that will keep you pushing forward no matter what, and then use it as your fuel to overcome the obstacles you are already guaranteed to face in your career.

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At the end of it all, you will find that your DREAM/GOAL is more than just obtainable. I am not promising that it will be easy though. There will be a lot of hard-work ahead of you. Nonetheless, if you really want to "ACCELERATE THE MOMENTUM" that you have in your current position professionally, even personally, you can't believe that your success is dependent on others. While some people might help you along the way, YOU are ultimately in charge of your destiny. SO TAKE CHARGE! YOU GOT THIS!